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​Why a beard transplantion?

​​Beards have become a sign of masculinity and are now more popular than ever. There are a variety of styles - from moustaches to three-day beards to full beards! They not only give the face character, but also contour and definition. But not everyone can confidently flaunt their beards because of sparse or patchy growth due to baldness and other factors. 

Thanks to a beard transplant, a natural-looking and dense beard growth can be achieved that suits you perfectly.

​Applied methods

​With the most advanced methods for the best hair results

Saphir FUE

​In this method, a fine sapphire tip is used to open tiny channels in the light areas of the beard. The new beard hairs are later inserted into these channels. The method enables the highest hair densities and the highest growth rates.


​The DHI method is ideal for smaller areas, such as eyebrows and beard region. Here, a special tool is loaded with a single graft and this is transplanted directly into the skin. The procedure is gentle and allows for faster healing times.

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